Shiny Applications for Teaching & Learning

Statistical concepts are not always easy to absorb. Many students remain without fully understanding them, even after spending a good time studying the subject. Sometimes, this can be due to the level of abstraction needed to perceive the behavior of mathematical functions. With this in mind, this project has as one of its main goals to provide a set of interactive applications to help with both teaching and learning of statistics.

Our intention is to build applications where the users can interact with data, summaries, plots, tables, and so on. Those features will show, for example, how a curve of a probability distribution changes when we vary its parameters and what does that mean for the results. Many topics are included: data exploring and visualisation, continuous and discrete probability distributions, hypothesis testing, regression models, non-linear models, network analysis, machine learning techniques, and others.

Shiny applications are simple, easy to build interactive apps. They are made directly from R, and can be available on the web for community access. This way, the combination of interactivity and statistical concepts can be a very useful tool for the general study of statistics.