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*Portuguese version of this same post here! On a daily basis, I come across people on Facebook groups, Telegram or Twitter having troubles with some tasks in R. These problems have two main origins: difficulties in constructing the algorithm to reach the desired result. difficulties in understanding the behavior of some function. The focus of this post is to give some notion about how to solve the second one: problems using functions.


Olá! Tudo bem? Eu sou a Bruna, e talvez você já me conheça de algum grupo de R no Telegram ou Facebook, ou mesmo pelo meu outro pacote, o vagalumeR. Eu estou prestes a me formar em Estatística na UFPR, e esse post vai ter muito a ver com o tema do meu trabalho de conclusão de curso, que está sendo feito sob orientação do Professor Walmes Zeviani. Recentemente, eu fiz a primeira versão do pacote do meu TCC, o chorrrds.


The website is where we can obtain information about songs and their lyrics (with translations, when they’re not in portuguese). This same website has an API, which can be accessed in R, through the vagalumeR package. Here, we have some demonstrations about the functionalities of the package, focusing on the analysis of music lyrics. # Package loading library(vagalumeR) library(tidyverse) library(tm) library(lattice) library(lexiconPT) library(latticeExtra) library(wordcloud) library(networkD3) packageVersion("vagalumeR") [1] '0.



R-Ladies Curitiba

R-Ladies is a worldwide organization whose mission it to promote gender diversity in the R comunnity.

Music Information Retrieval in R

Music information retrieval is the field that develops and applies computational tools combined with music theory. The area intends to amplify the understanding and utility of music data. With that in mind, the goal of this project is to provide the implementation to many different music information retrival techniques in R. The topics involve since packages for music data extraction, tools for data exploration and probabalistic modelling, including deep learning.

Non Linear Modelling

The goal of this project is to develop a complete framework in R for the use of non linear models. It includes a dashboard for the interactive visualization of all the present models, along with other functions, also useful for the fit of these models.

Shiny Applications for Teaching & Learning

The main goal of this project is get together students, teachers, professionals and researchers interested in the study and building of Shiny applications. The motivation comes from the understanding that the learning of statistics, mathematics and other subjects can be facilitated with the use of interactive tools, such as Shiny applications.


Currently, I have two packages on CRAN

They have pretty much the same subject: music data. vagalumeR is the package that extracts music lyrics from the Vagalume API. The second package, chorrrds, extracts music chords from the CifraClub website, through web scraping techniques.

Both these packages are in constantly development, being that their new versions always come out first in the R-Music organization on GitHub.


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